Witness Me Tenderly

I’m feeling waves of heavy emotions today. It’s day 3 of my period and I am struggling. I am immensely sad. I feel exhausted. I have no appetite. I forced myself to eat oatmeal this morning. Half a cup and it took me over an hour.

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Warm Tape

I’m ready to surf the seductive chaos of romantic pursuits. I’m feeling at peace, ass looking bomb in the suit. I’ve got my sea legs beneath me; not shaken, agile. Surrendering to the current of love. Oh sweet lust, please don’t kill me.

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Embodied Movement

Yesterday I ran 2 miles without stopping. That was the second time this year I got to that point. My bad knee is getting stronger and I can feel my body growing more confident. That confidence is spilling over into other areas, like an infectious smile, and it’s coloring everything around me.

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I Touch You to Memorize You

I dwell in embodied desires. I’m a sensualist. I enjoy feeling things – feelings and things. Feeling on things, like you, for example. I like the texture of you and that dangling participle between your thighs.

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My boss doesn’t mind if I raid his liquor cabinet. He says there’s just a few bottles that he doesn’t want opened.

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Shh, Don’t Tell

Tonight I’ve led him to believe that I’m out for dinner and drinks. I am having drinks, but I’m doing that solo. My podcast in the background, and an FFM threesome on my iPad as I toy with myself.

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Tequila & His Tongue

He’s taking me out on his bike for the first time tonight. I’m nervous and excited. I’m sure my pussy will tingle when I see him riding that machine. I hope he adjusts the handbars on his mustache at some point while on the bike, such a hot sight.

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What I Crave

“We both have what we both crave,” he says as he runs his thumb across my bottom lip.

I open my mouth to receive him. His finger bends slightly to meet the warmth of my tongue. I suck, my eyes never leaving his.

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Delta 8

I never thought it was possible to love something more, yet here I am thoroughly enjoying my entanglement with Delta. It’s got my mind calmer, quieter. Intrusive thoughts are more at bay.

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Why We Can’t Predict Tornadoes

The world is ending 
& I just want


to make me laugh
& eat my pussy

while nature seeks revenge


My gut or my pussy? 
My gut or my pussy?
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Still River Seduction

Beyond your wet panties lay bare the truths of this man. As you peel back his layers, you must remain calm. You know what you want and your path is clear.

Still River; you are not a tsunami.
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My Desires Are Simple

I ache to know the curve of your lips, the agility of your tongue, the dexterity of your fingers, the girth of your cock.

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Female Dating Strategy

I’m tossing around the idea of coming up with a dating strategy. The last guy I dated, looking back, it’s painfully obvious he had a plan. And most guys I know just seem to have lines that they use. Different things they do and say to keep elevating the stakes for seduction.

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Did I just Manifest A Man?

Like a whole ass man? Oh shit. The guy I have been crushing on asked me to get dinner and drinks this Saturday night (silent squeal 😁). I’m so excited! And it feels like everything I’ve been writing down about what I want in a man has been helping me to judge this one. I still have to see how the banter is between us when we’re talking for extended periods on our own.

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I Have A Crush

He makes time to come to my building and say hi or check up on me and it is so cute! I’m all giddy. It feels like a Jim and Pam situation because it happens to be somebody I work with, but we’re in different departments.

I just realized today while talking to him that he’s got really pretty eyes 🥺

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Fancy Pen: The Cocksucker Saga, Pt 2

Two days later, we had another talk. I was mostly avoiding him and ignoring his presence when he was around. But close to the end of the day he approached me with a notebook of his and said “Hey Summer, I wanna show you something.” It was from when I first started at the job and it had a random drawing I did of him plus a caption about rogaine. This manipulative bastard pulled me in with nostalgia. He felt like a safe space when I first started working there. 

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Fancy Pen: The Cocksucker Saga, Pt 1

Something happened at work yesterday that really bothered me. A couple of my colleagues plus 3 managers from different departments and I were all in the main office shooting the shit and joking around. For some of these guys, having an expensive pen is something they derive a sense of pride from. So one guy asks to see another guy’s pen and the guy hands it over. The one who asked proceeds to critique it. “You can tell how solid it is by the sound when you twist it to start writing. Blah, blah, blah.” To me this was stupid, and essentially like measuring dick sizes but with pens.

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Savage X Fenty Review

I was looking for durable, yet cute lingerie at a decent price. So I decided to try something different. A girl friend of mine has a subscription to Savage X Fenty and seemed quite happy with it. Plus a few sex educators I follow on Instagram were shilling it and the pieces looked pretty damn cute, so I decided to give it a try.

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A Starring Role

Sometimes I ice my nipples 
Before taking nudes
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You are laying on the bed sideways with your head hanging down the side. He stands there, towering above you with his cock resting on your nose. You are naked on top, damped panties below.

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Primal Me

I’ve been diplomatic  
I’ve been demonic
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Today: At Peace with My Body

Today is a very special day. Today I woke up with gratitude in my heart and appreciation for my healing, sturdy body. Today I am grateful for life, however messy and unpredictable it might be. Had I chosen another path, today could be a day I wake up with a sore throat from a breathing tube.

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n e e d 

m o r e. 

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He has curly hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and the cutest little freckles on his nose! They stand out more when he’s wet with his glasses off. I’d like to kiss him with his glasses off. Feel him fumble his way around me. Fondle me, and I him.

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I don’t wanna love you. I want to trust you

Trust you and thrust upon you

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Pet, Fuck, Love

You’ve got me 
tied up
& twisted
in your lust
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Explosions, Explosions

Let’s get back together
And try not to die
In each other’s arms

The State of My Work

The more I work with people, the more I want to stay away from people. Working as a salesperson, the amount of abuse I endure is fucking comical at this point. Not all, but a lot of people, come in and initially treat us like dirt because they assume all salespeople want to rip them off.

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On Poly Relationships

In all my years of fantasizing about my perfect poly dynamic, not once did I consider the fact that being poly also means having many more relationships that end.

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Lately I've been craving 
the sensation of nails 
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Glimpse of Light

Anhedonia has been a constant companion for the past 6 weeks. Today, for the first time in over a month, I was able to set foot in the gym, shut my mind off, and be in my body.

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Sleepy Sights, Restless Nights

I’m taking a break from THC. Overall it doesn’t affect me much, except for in one area – sleep/dreaming. Without puffing before bed, I’m now able to remember my dreams. They’re not as traumatic as they once were – not necessarily having night terrors as usual, but they are still disturbing.

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A Taste of Desire

Paint your purest desires 
like poetry on my skin

Clouds of lust above us

I kiss your neck
to taste your sucrose soul 

I Refine My Dreams Everyday

I’ve been reflecting on my single self vs. who I am in romantic dynamics. I struggle to be vulnerable with people, so my romantic relationships don’t tend to last. However, there are certain patterns that I stumbled upon while writing my feelings. I’m going to leave the following writing here in it’s raw and authentic form. This was me reasoning with myself. Talking it out (on paper) and processing my relationship dynamics in real time. The first half is me acknowledging my behavior, the second half is me coming up with actionable alternatives for future behavior. I hope this helps anyone who reads and identifies with me, but mostly I’m leaving it this way so I can revisit it and remind myself that there are other ways to dream; other ways to access pleasure…

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The Worse

The worse thing would be for you to think that I loved you, that I was so obsessed with you that I was dying to be near you. That’s a cute story, but you should know that any attractive warm body would do. You were a place holder like the rest of them. I am not heartbroken. I’m annoyed at the time I wasted making plans with you.

Two Dark Places

The two dark places I inhabit force me to take inventory of my thoughts and feelings. Sitting with the darkness, I realize it enriches me. For so long I’ve tried to outrun it. Now I aim to embody it completely. No longer avoiding the pain. I don’t just endure it, I embrace it. It doesn’t frighten me, the darkness. I’m drunk from the ropes that bind me. I accept endings, knots, and twists. I picture new possibilities as I reason with my darkest desires and sense a more enriching life beyond them. I let my thoughts run freely and I’m freer for it.

Night Thing

We fell asleep naked
in each other’s arms

Awoken with the warmth
of his tongue on my clit

At the height of our passion
I swore myself to him,
Loyalty to the Night Thing,

and I meant it
I meant it at the time,
But I’m a woman who understands
feelings are fickle and fleeting

Ass Worshiped by My Mentor

Have you ever fallen for someone because of how they perform in the bedroom? I’ve certainly grown obsessed with people or grew to tolerate them more because of the deliciously tantalizing things they did to my body.

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Cock Worship

As he backed away, she admired him for a moment – messy brown hair, pussy juice on his lips. She pushed him back, back, up against the glass window and started to unbutton his shirt. Her hands couldn’t reach his skin fast enough. They ached to touch and explore him, to know him as intimately as he’d known her. She peeled off his undershirt and kissed him harder. He smelled exquisite and he tasted even better. He groaned against her mouth as his hands ran down her back to grab her ass.

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Sensual Woman

I’m whole 
& I’m worthy

What’s for me
Will come

What You Desreve

I want to see you get kissed, 

get licked, get tongued, 

and teased.

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They don't kiss the same.
One has more force
behind his.
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I was like a ripe
peach. One firm
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the water

the water is a place
where you drown, but also
where your image is most honest

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Past Lives, Arranged

I can’t help looking at my past pleasures and thinking they were the best it will ever get.

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Last night I put my foot on his cock

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Knife Me

Desire, I’m drunk on it again!

Intoxicated by the cigarette-y

taste of his tongue, rough

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Grief Work

In this moment I’m filled with sadness. I mourn the lives I never lived. I long for realities that could have been. In another dimension I have a loving mum. She hugs me and holds me when I hurt. She doesn’t cause the hurt. She mends my broken skin, wielding nothing but tourniquets to ease my suffering.

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Standing in Liminality

If you are your only audience what does that change? What does that change in how you act, how you think about yourself? What does that change in your work if you just remove the idea of anyone else being a witness and you witness yourself?

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Hot Guy at Work

That day I wore red lipstick (under my mask) with bomb ass smoky eyes. I looked so good that I wanted to fuck me.

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Reclaiming My Time

The thing about you is everything is always about you.

I refuse to be tasked with helping you hold on to your sanity

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Sacred Ground

A sanctuary in Thailand where you really want to kiss him, touch him, love him. But you can’t out of respect for the monks, the chapel, the sacred grounds.

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Seducing the Census Man, Pt. 1

It was a gloomy Friday evening. All day the sky was dark and leaky like a WAP. I sat inside scrolling subreddits, bored out of my fucking mind. Suddenly, my little dog’s massive voice filled the room as he ran to the door. “Tail, come here” I called. Knock knock went the door again. What a pleasant surprise; I wasn’t expecting anyone. I pulled my Auburn Dad’s club sweatshirt over my hot nipples and headed to the door.

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In dreamlike epics I reminisce on our time on the rooftop. I was alone with you, and alone I had to be with you.

Lancelot, I Cannot

I can’t help but to fall
Fall into your the taste 
of your touch

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Who Taught You?

In my younger years desire would call out to me. And I, a puppy greyhound, could not turn away from the pull. I would touch myself in ways that felt good instinctively. No one taught me to do it, I just stumbled upon my bliss. I remember bringing myself close to orgasm and stopping before going over the edge. Back then it seemed too powerful, too all-consuming. So edging was my jam.

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The Trouble with The Chase – Bachelor Edition

The Bachelor franchise is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s gone done hill fast in the last few years, but there are seasons like Rachel Lindsay’s and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s that I REALLY enjoyed. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a love story.

A few months back when I was writing The Trouble with The Chase I couldn’t help thinking of this one relationship from The Bachelor because it reminded me of some toxic shit I’d experienced in the past. I’m talking about the relationship between Cassie & Colton.

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Love & Abandon

When people say “family is everything to me” I have no idea what the fuck that means.

I don’t know what it is to be loved. I know very well what it’s like to not be loved. Read More

Readers React: The Trouble with the Chase

Your response to my recent post The Trouble with the Chase was overwhelming. Many of you reached out to affirm my experience and share stories of your own. I also heard from some men who were confused as to why it’s so hard for women to say no, or why we feel we need to “be nice.” Because of the amount of stories y’all sent my way I’m going share some of your responses. Posting my story gave me a massive sense of liberation. I hope this gives clarification to those who were confused and most importantly, liberation to those with similar lived experiences.

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Glossary of Fuckboy Types

With the decade of my twenties almost behind me, I find myself reflecting on the men I’ve encountered along the way. There have been great guys, mediocre guys, and Ivan the Terrible. After each problematic man I remember thinking, “damn I wish someone warned me about guys like that…” Read More

Killing Eve

I’ve got a new addition and it’s this amazing show called Killing Eve. I’d heard about it, but never got a clear idea of what it was.

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STFU: Be Quiet

No strings. No commitment. No cuddling after.

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King Black

I tried to play it cool, but when I learned the circumference of his cock, I was dripping hot, wild, and raging. Thick like a wrist I’d eagerly stretch for. Looking at you alone is enough, but your face buried in my pussy like a mango? FUCK. My favorite is when you look up and say “tell me where my tongue goes.” Commanding and demanding, what you do to me my demented mind never dreamed.

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The Trouble with The Chase

I’m no longer fucking ugly men. Unless you ignite a fire in my gut, a storm in my panties, the conversation is over. You’re not allowed to “grow on me.”

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Not Temptation

I’m not temptation, nor a side dish; I’m a fucking delicacy! Read More


I greet you with wonder,

like a poem that breathes. Read More

Desecrate & Dissociate

More than anything, we’re starved for hope right now.

After finally making my way back to my body, boldly finding power in pleasure, again I’m forced to step out of myself. I’m reminded of my blackness and the presumption of guilt and inferiority this society assigned to me. Read More

Gentler Warmth

I traced my finger tips against the warmth of her lips before I kissed her

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A Desire that Hasn’t Been Named

With the Covid crisis in full swing, lone wolf Cath is forced to quarantine with displaced family members. Living with others is totally new to Cath, who usually stores lube like coasters on all her side tables. Sixteen days in, she’s desperate for an orgasm. Uninterrupted pleasure has been elusive with others constantly around. She decides to go to her car for a quickie.The quickie turns into a long, sensuous exploration of self as her excitement heightens and pent up desire pours out.

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The End of the F***ing World

The title is so relevant to our current sentiment, but this is a TV show I found on Netflix. Produced in the UK, and adopted from a graphic novel of the same name, the show is about two teens who run off together. Girl likes boy. Boy wants to kill girl. It’s dark and twisted and quite funny at times. Read More

Office Heat, 4

As Patrick’s face inched closer to the wet fabric, a heightened sense of alertness washed over him. Running her hands through his hair, Eve looked down at him and bit her lips. Her stomach muscles tightened and her senses sharpened. The room brightened as his kiss landed on the velvety softness of her inner thigh. She bit her lip and he, watching her, swore he felt her teeth on him. Read More

Every Second A Sin

Every day is a struggle. Noah always finds a reason to chat with me, tiny ways to touch. Read More


”Does it quiet your mind?” she asked. Read More

Penis Problems

He sat at the edge of the bed with his back towards me. Upset. I could feel it in the air. Tension and stiffness everywhere but the place he wanted it most. He looked down at the flaccid meat between his thighs with disgust. I felt sorry for him, but he would not accept the comfort I tied to provide.

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Killing Me Softly

For the life of me I cannot remember the last time I fucked someone and really really wanted it. Read More

Thursday Nights

I can’t wait to have his hands all over my body. His sensational skin gliding over mine. Global wetness with more bounce at every ounce. I can’t wait to be spoiled Read More

Sick & Tired

I’m so disillusioned with porn. Read More


I have better dreams

when I lay with you Read More

You, Season 2

I just finished You. The second season seemed to take a slow start, so I turned it off mid way through the first episode. Read More


I was in the bath that night. The first time I had an anal orgasm. Read More

Anticipation, Pt 1

It had been 10 long days apart from my man, and my body was delirious with want. His flight landed in Orlando and after a few hours of driving, he was at my door. His hair was cut lower than usual, his beard looked freshly trimmed, his ass nice and firm in his blue jeans, and the turquoise shirt he wore made him look like a colorful Instagram snack. Read More

Modern Romance, Pt 2

My pussy throbbed with every step he took toward me. I couldn’t stop looking at his perfectly proportioned face, his luscious lips, his gently shaved head. He wore a beard that I vowed to soak with my juices. Read More

Plan b

I looked up from black lace

Who knew I could hate you

and fuck you still? Read More

What’s Next?

Having attended a play party that gave me a peek into the lifestyle I’ve hungered for, yesterday I found myself wondering what’s next? Read More

Modern Romance, Pt 1

Getting back into the dating scene was a bit intimidating, but since my hunger for dick and pussy was stronger than my fear of rejection I jumped on OK Cupid. The app was nothing like it was a couple years ago – swipe culture infected it. I went ahead and purchased the premium subscription so I could see who liked me and who messaged me. Even as an ‘A-Lister’ my prospects were limited. Read More

Round & Rising

I look at myself without recognition. 
Is this what I should be happy with now?
I’ve grown so much I feel less desirable,
yet I’m as miserable as I’ve always been. Read More


I’m gonna judge you

based on how you kiss

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Long D

I’m not as sex driven as I once imagined. The truth is I could have a long distance relationship where we seldom have sex. One relationship in particular comes to mind – my time with Rick, the photographer from California. We met on Instagram. His breathtaking photos were always accompanied by bare bones poetry on some emotion. He made me feel even though he wasn’t beside me. Read More


The last two were

mad at me

for not showing

them off to my friends Read More


Today was rough and easy.

I sold nothing. I ran hard.

Today I felt my body. I wept to feel it more. Read More


I want to fuck & be fucked

Fucked out of my subconscious Read More

No Words Wasted

It’s been some time that we’ve

been apart, but we are not here to talk.

We have catching up to do. Read More


Things left unsaid still haunt me

I can’t shake this hatred Read More


will my sins never leave me?
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deep admiration

I throw myself to the ground

hungry knees swallowed up

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romantic conflict

now that I know

you want me

to watch talk

of desire

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To Start

Sensual words

poured slowly

from her lips

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It’s the feeling I miss the most

the vulnerability of

earthquake and rain

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Day + Night

I reached for you
in the dead of night
You sliced me open

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A Gnawing Obligation

It was one of those friendships that started out of mutual association.
A gnawing obligation

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Skyline Orange

skyline orange, my heart

trails back to you. you and I

on the brighter side of the dark

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Penis Problems, Vol 2

I fear that being in a relationship for almost a year has brought too much comfort and complacency to my partner.

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Dying in My Dreams

My aim is to no longer dream of my own destruction, for when I do I live in fear. And to live in fear is to stand still at the bottom of a Ferris wheel during a blood moon festival. To live in fear is to stand still at a November carnival. They come and go these opportunities to move. Yet year upon year I stay planted.

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In Absentia

Right now you’re dancing

in spandex with some other girl

while I stand still. Delinquent

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It’s been a while since I’ve had lube by my bedside.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt that fire inside.

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Fire, Fire!

Yell fire in a crowded

Theater. Trample my

Pussy. Stampede it

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5 Reasons to Date Older Men

Who would have guessed that Dating Services would become a multibillion dollar a year industry? Nowadays we’re more desperate for love and companionship than ever before and with the Internet Revolution in full swing, finding a date is as easy as downloading an app and swiping right. Sadly, the dating ground is a mind-fuck of a mess littered with fuckboys, entitled men, and worse of all – insecure man child’s who need a submissive woman for validation. What’s a girl to do to get some good dick, companionship, and possibly find love? I’ve come to the conclusion that dating older men is a great way to avoid all the bullshit that is modern day dating. Here are 5 reasons why you should date an older man.

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When am I going to

See you and free you

When can I have your

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I want to be

free of my exes

Kiss the lips

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The media is hyper-focused on creating fear, uncertainty, and doubt about what Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment could mean for Roe v. Wade and abortion rights. According to their narrative, women are fucked.

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that night I wore a

royal blue neglige and

dagger heels to kill

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Watch Me

I’m no longer his disciple

I’m Master now

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I see you’re in South Korea right now
and I realize it could’ve been us

under the moonlight pressed for time
and pushing for it to be done

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you puncture your own flesh

and pour tequila in your wounds

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With Passion

Come tear off my


Darling please

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on top of


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Perplexed by the paralysis

of my tongue,

I want him pinned down,


and bound

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Pizza & Failed Seduction

He loved to feed me while feasting on me. I remember he ordered my favorite bacon and pineapple four corner pizza and invited me over for dinner. Upon entering his I noticed the table was prepared for me. There was a napkin, a wine glass, a bottle of my favorite wine, a packed bowl, and a lighter on the table. Of course I chose bud over wine. He took his best leather couch, a green one, out to the balcony for me to sit on while I inhaled my joy.

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I finally know what it’s like to be DP’d

I’m very new to butt play, and for me it’s kind of like learning a new language. I’m not perfect at distinguishing what feels good or isolating specifics when something is inside me. But what I do know is I very much enjoy sensations on top of sensations, the more the better.

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Dirty Dancing in DC

Darnell ignited a fire in me that I forgot I possessed. His body against mine felt devine. Elegantly sculpted, firm, young, agile. He laid lust and raw energy on my lips when he kissed me. I was so consumed by my desire for him that my hands found their way to his muscular glutes and up under his gray sweater, fighting, aching, desperate to feel the warmth of his flesh.

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Fucking A Fraud

Forecasting my future, I told him “I don’t want kids. My work will be my legacy. My company will be my ba—”

“Fall in love with your customers, not your company!” Before I finished he began.

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On Calling Him Daddy

I pride myself on being a particularly sexual person. An adventurer, a group sex lover, and an agile performer who gets wet at the thought of outdoor sex where other people might see me. The only hang up I have around sex is when a male partner wants me to call him Daddy.

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Confetti Cum

I drop my head,

close my eyes,

rub my eyelids,

exhale, and confetti

flares from my nostrils

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Suddenly I was slipping

Take charge tendencies

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Song Series, Vol 1.

There’s something magical in the

way music rearranges physics

With the right song, you can

exchange repressed reality

for waking moments in a vivid

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Young Wild Hearts

I want a weekend of

smoke clouds, strong

flesh, and lust

Wild thoughts

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Is Minimalism Just Another Brand of Capitalism?

In a culture of overconsumption where you’re constantly the target of ads being slung at you like piss in prison, Minimalism seems to be the perfect antidote for quelling our consumptive urges. But is Minimalism a realistic end, or just a fantasy that grips our attention until we buy into the next best thing? The Minimalist documentary and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book seemed like good places to find answers.

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Time Races Forward

When you love

You are uniquely vulnerable

You lay claim to a man like

A queen claims a nation

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Penis Problems

There is nothing worse than hearing for weeks and weeks precisely how someone would like to fuck you then finding out they actually can’t perform. A recent partner had this detailed fantasy about tasting me in the shower then fucking me on all fours from behind.

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I eat lots of fruit


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Sax Sounds

She was one of the first roommates I had who I wasn’t attracted to. Not until the time I heard her. Her voice soaking with sounds the wall that separated our bedrooms.

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Writer’s Eye

I’m an observer,

but I’m not judging

Show me

your darkness,

your deviant,

your divine

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